2008 Becker B2285187

2008 Becker B2285187

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Becker Oiless Pump(Regenerative Blower) Built 2008 #B2285187 Blower is powered by .0.75/0.90 Motor 50/60 cycle Inlet Cap. 120/145 m3/h + pressure 165/120 m/bar - pressure 170/125 m/bar. Regenerative blowers generate suction or blowing air for a wide variety of industrial applications. These turbo dynamic vacuum pumps contain a contact less, fast rotating impeller and are therefore wear and maintenance free.

On both sides of the impeller there are two ring-shaped separate side channels along with the housing. The rotating impeller pulls air in through the inlet side, accelerates the air or gas inside the housing, and then discharges it through the outlet side once it is fully pressurized.

A single-stage device with a high volume flow or a two-stage device with higher pressure differences is possible. 3 Available