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80 Galllon Northland Mix Tank

Cleveland, OH


1 - used approx. 80 gallon Northland mix tank. Serial #957007. T-304 stainless steel construction. Atmospheric internal pressure at 176 deg. F MAWT. MIN. DMT -20 deg. F at atmospheric pressure. Jacket rated 14.3 psi at 176 deg. F MAWT. MIN. DMT. -20 deg F. at 14.3 psi. Shell head jacket & jacket head thickness .165 in. Johns-Manville 814 insulation and stainless sheathing. 28 in. ID x 37 1/2 in. straight side. Dish top & bottom. 5 in. top flanged opening for agitator. 4 in. top flanged sightglass. Driven by 0.5 HP/.373 kw Lightnin drive. UL listed. 230/460V. Stainless steel shaft with removable (set screws) 3 pitched turbine blades and stabilizer ring. Approx. 8 in. blade span. Serial #957007. F.O.B. - Cleveland OH


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