SPX VO17- M-10

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APV (An SPX Brand) Paraflow Plate Heat Exchanger
NB# 13196
Model # VO17- M-10 Mfg.2012
Serial # G20 120000072
Max. Allowable Working Pressure
Chamber H1 & H4 150 Psi @338oF.
Chamber H2 &H3 150 PSIG @33oF.
Min Design Metal Temp.
Chamber 1 H1 & H4 -20oF@150 PSIG
Chamber 2 H2 & H3 -20oF @150 PSIG
Test Pressure 195 PSIG 195 PSIG
Operating Temp: Max/Min 338oF/23oF
Platage Dim (L) Max/Min ¾” / 11/16”
Platage Dim Based On Qty/TK 6/0 5MM
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ModelVO17- M-10
Stock Number8678